Sunday, January 27, 2008

#10 Bloodlines

Dinah McCall
Mystery - Romance
3 out of 5

At the age of 2, Olivia was kidnapped and her parents murdered. Ransom was demanded, paid, and she was found wandering a mall. Flash forward 25 years, a suitcase is found behind a wall with a tiny skeleton and a tell tale sign that this might be Olivia. Confused yet? Well, a Sealy family trait of an extra thumb was visible on both Olivia and the skeleton that was found. But if Olivia was returned, then who was this baby. Has Olivia’s whole life been a lie? In comes Det. Trey Bonney of the Dallas Police Department. He also happened to be Olivia’s high school love. The story gets very twisty with side stories that don’t really make sense or have a point and are never fully explained. Abortion clinic bombing, neighbors house broken into, wayward cousins, etc. In the end, this compilation of characters each reveals a small part of the story which leads to a very unlikely conclusion. This is my first McCall book and I can’t say that I didn’t like it, just wish she would have left parts out and tightened up other storylines. She has talent, just lacked direction on this one.

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