Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#12 Rules

Cynthia Lord
Catherine is your typical 12 year old. All she wants is a normal life with normal friends, not people who look at her funny or make fun of her autistic brother David. She loves him, but that’s quite hard at times when she is embarrassed by so much of what he does. The only way to bring normality to her life is to make up rules, which she keeps with her in the back of her sketch book. Rules such as “No Toys in the Fish Tank”, “Pantless Brothers are Not my Problem” are part of her everyday life. A new girl moves into the neighborhood and Catherine finally feels that she will have a chance at a new life. But will David ruin this too? Just when Catherine is overly wrapped up in David and Kristi, she meets a young boy at her brother’s therapy clinic and the two hit it off in quite a unique way; opening Catherine’s eyes to a life outside of the rules. I enjoyed this book and its overall message of acceptance. Amazon Review:

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