Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#8 The Resort

The Resort
Bently Little
1 out of 5

In this very slow drawn out book, Little introduces us to his main characters, the Lowell Thurman family, mom, dad and three boys. Deciding they could afford the winter rates at the high end Reata Resort of Arizona, they pack the family off for a week of fun in the sun. Strange encounters and less then family atmosphere makes the Thurman’s and other guest’s question what is truly going on here. The hotel has a strange mind mend on those staying there, they forget, they hallucinate, they become highly sexual, they become barbaric. But leave it to a 13 year old boy to find the answer and save the day. By the end of this really horrible book I was repulsed. For a thriller it was even further out there than most. Too many barbaric scenes that had no point; and in turn made this book a joke. No need to read this author again.

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