Friday, January 18, 2008

#6 311 Pelican Court

311 Pelican Court
Debbie Macomber
4 out of 5

Lack of Communication. That is the running theme in this 3rd installment of the Cedar Cove series. Rosie and Zack are the main characters this time. They have decided to divorce and the ordeal is quickly coming to a head with their children. Maryellen and Jon have decided what is in the best interest of their new born daughter; and Olivia and Jack have finally come to an agreement. More is revealed in the mysterious death at the Beldon’s bed and breakfast with the divulging of an incident that Bob witnessed during his Vietnam years. Will this lead to the identification of the mysterious stranger? Are others still in danger? What is the full story? I enjoy this series, revisiting storylines and characters, just wish I hadn't waited so long in between books, forgot who a couple of people were, but Macomber is good at refreshing your memory.

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