Monday, January 7, 2008

#3 A Bicycle Built for Murder

A Bicycle Built for Murder
Kate Kingsbury
Cozy Mystery
4 out of 5
Cozies are character driven and this book definitely has its share of characters. Not only is Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton the Lady of Sitting Marsh Manor House, but she is also responsible for helping her tenants muddle through during World War II England. Little did she know that when Winnie stopped her to ask if she had seen her daughter Beryl - who has quite a reputation for hanging out at the pub and flirting with the Yanks; Lady Elizabeth would find herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Not only that, but she has to prepare for an American invasion all her own.A great cast of characters including Violet the housekeeper and the irrepressible Martin the butler. First in the Manor House Series. Amazon Review:

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