Sunday, January 20, 2008

#7 Chosen by a Horse

Chosen by a Horse
Susan Richards
5 out of 5

Life is short, do what matters. In this noteworthy memoir, Susan Richardson tells of her life with Lay Me Down, a remarkable Bay who has been abused by her previous owner and who comes to Susan's ranch as a rescued animal. Susan who had been neglected and abandoned as a child and Lay Me Down who had been abused in her racing and broodmare years teach eachother to trust and to live again, and in turn gaining hope and faith in the other. As each venture out into their new worlds, Lay Me Down into a new herd and Susan into the dating world, they each get banged up a bit, but learn that maybe there is a future for each of them. Maybe you do get a second chance, maybe somebody does want you. Combining both laughter and tears, Susan Richards brings a memoir that will be remembered for years.

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