Friday, January 4, 2008

#2 How to Be Lost

How to Be Lost
Amanda Eyre Ward
5 out of 5
Not all the reviews are favorable, but I really enjoyed this mesmerizing book. Not all the questions are answered, but that's the way it should be; it opens up more possibilities. 15 years ago, on the day that the three Winter sisters decide to run away from their drunken father and their less than perfect mother, five year old Ellie disappears. After the discovery of a photo in a magazine, their mother is determined to find this person in hopes that it is Ellie. Unfortunately she doesn’t get the chance and Caroline, the one who has run off to New Orleans in hopes of finding a life, takes up the challenge. What Caroline finds instead is herself, the person who has been running and trying to be lost. Sometimes what you find isn’t exactly what you were looking for. A great cast of characters with storylines that twist upon themselves and in the end you are left with questions, wondering and hope.
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