Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thursdays In the Park

Title: Thursdays in the Park
Author: Hilary Boyd
Published: August 4th 2011 by Quercus
Format: Paperback, 352 pagess
Genre: Romance
Source: Amazon Vine

I think I am offended by the person that called this book “granny-porn”. This is nowhere near some of the “mommy-porn” that I have come across and if a woman approaching her 60th birthday, stuck in a failing marriage meets a gentlemen and starts up a relationship, is too much for some, then I am wondering about you - there are some out there that think once you are past 50, your life should revolve around cats and rocking chairs.

After working in her health food store during the week, Jeanie spends Thursdays in the park with her granddaughter. On one of their usual outings, Jeanie meets Ray, a kind man watching over his grandson. Ray sparks an interest in Jeanie and since her own husband has not visited their bed in ten years, Jeanie relishes the attention that she is receiving.

Of course, Jeanie’s friends and family are questioning her sanity, but why should they; they have no idea the man that her husband has turned into. Or for that fact, the man that he has always been behind closed doors. When George’s reasoning is revealed, as to why he left their bed, I was neither surprised or for that matter, interested. It was a new twist, I will give the author that much.

Oh goodness, I just read another review that stated this is a “fifty-shades style book”, no it is not. I thought that this book was a sweet romance that did not involve all the silly junior high school drama that a typical 20-something romance writes about. This was a friendship that turned into more and gave a new spark to a woman that thought that she was dying on the vine.

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