Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Whispers

Title: The Whispers
Author: Lisa Unger
Will be Published By: Pocket Star (October 27, 2014)
Format: eBook
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Source: NetGalley
Series: The Whispers Part 1 of a Planned Novella Trilogy

Life was good for Eloise and Alfie Montgomery. They have been married for fifteen or so years, have two young daughters and a life that others can only dream about. Eloise had always believed that the day her life would change would have an ominous feel. A something was off kind of thing, but that morning, life was normal, that is until a semi left its lane and now Alfie and their oldest daughter Emily are dead and Eloise and Amanda are trying to hold on as best as they can.

Months in a coma, a daughter suffering from PTSD, Eloise and Amanda need to start over. How do you do that when you begin to have dreams, not nightmares, but realistic visions of girls in trouble and you know that it is your responsibility to help.

What if you know that the whispering in the trees are voices that you are not yet experienced enough to understand and they are reaching out for your help?

This was an intense entry into a Lisa Unger’s writing. I have never read this author before, but I can honestly say that she has hooked me. The feeling of the book is reminiscent of Amanda Stevens, though the subject matter is different, there is something in the writing that reminds me of the other.

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