Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Lady of Pain

Title: Our Lady of Pain
Author: Marion Chesney aka M.C. Beaton
Published: May 29th 2007 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: Paperback, Pgs 256
Genre: Historical Mystery
Series: Edwardian Murder Mystery #4

After swearing that I would never read another book in this series, what do I do but pick up the next and final book of the series and midway through wonder what was I thinking.

The farce of Lady Rose Summer and Captain Harry Cathcart’s engagement is continuing, but there just might be a crack in the armor when Lady Rose realizes that another man that she had suddenly taken an interest in is weak and if there is any more danger heading her way, she will need a stronger man – someone like Cathcart. Whereas, Cathcart is trying his best to become what Lady Rose needs but he is easily distracted with business and when they are separated, they both see what the other has to offer.

Rose’s companion Daisy finally marries Harry’s manservant Beckett, but once in, Daisy is bored to tears and Beckett is turning into a person that no one in their right mind could stand being in a room with.

All of this takes place in the background as Harry takes on courtesan Dolores Duval as a client. Jealous Rose threatens the vamp and next thing you know Dolores is found dead. Yada, Yada, Yada, Rose is found to not be the murderer but that part ends too soon, so Marion Chesney or MC Beaton, depending on which version of this book that you are reading, adds in more intrigue and foolishness among the wealthy and low and behold we reach the end and exhale a sigh of relief that this is the final book in the Lady Rose Summer saga.

It is truly amazing how you can love one series (Agatha Raisin) from an author but barely be able to pick up other books that she writes in other series. Now back to Agatha and we can finally say good-bye to Lady Rose.

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