Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What to do with an old Wedding Dress

What does one do with a used wedding dress? 26 years ago when we stood before God and man and swore our undying love for each other I thought that I would save the dress and one day pass it on to our child or niece or someone that would appreciate and cherish the gift.

Now that the marriage is over, what do you do with a used dress?

If someone gave me a dress from a wedding that had ended in divorce, would I think that it was cursed? We did last 26 years and I know that many marriages do not last half of that and some might think it's a lucky charm of sorts, but still I don't know.

Right now, it's just a dress in a hermetically sealed box with the outside gathering dust and awaiting a new location on the top of yet another closet waiting for the owner to either hand it off or ......... actually I don't have an or. Just do not know what to do with it.

Which also brings up the questions, what do you do with the shoes, the cake topper and the wedding album?

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