Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy

Linda Fairstein

2 out of 5

I am still very much up in the air about this book.

In the past I have loved books by Linda Fairstein, but for some reason, this one just didn't come across as well. The storyline and the supporting characters felt rather flat, nothing really stood out in the storyline and I didn't feel the urgency that would be necessary for a book like this.

In a case of mistaken identity, Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cooper has been reported murdered when a body fitting Alex's description is found in a car rented to her on a deserted road leading to the summer home of Alexandra Cooper - S e x Crimes Prosecutor.

But it's not Alex, its Isabella Lascar, a film star that just needs a break from her life and some peace and quiet. Now the question is who was the real intended victim? As Alex combs her past cases to see who would be out for revenge and scouring Isabella's life to find the stalker that was writing letters and threatening call to her, the hunt goes on for the killer and the reason behind the murder.

The ending is good, if a bit unbelievable, but overall, the book just didn't do anything for me. I will pick up other books by Ms Fairstein, because of past success, but for this one, I would recommend that you pass.


Kris said...

Sorry to hear this one fell flat. I hate when that happens, especially when it's by authors we normally enjoy.

Cozy in Texas said...

Hello, I stopped by your blog today. Thanks for the review. I am always disappointed when a story is unbelievable.