Sunday, December 5, 2010

Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden

Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden

MC Beaton

3 out of 5

No matter how much I adore Agatha Raisin, some books just aren't as good as others. This is one of those that missed the mark for me. A little on the boring side with very little momentum to keep the storyline moving forward.

Since Agatha had quite the hair incident at the end of Wizard of Evesham, she has decided to take a holiday to the seaside town of Wyckhadden. She needs a break from her life and most definitely a break from James Lacey.

What she finds is a small hotel with horrible elderly guests and nasty weather. Not exactly the restful situation she was looking for. Having nowhere else to turn, she settles in and learns of Francie Juddle the local witch. Well, things are looking up for Agatha and she head out to investigate. What is even more interesting is the supposed love potion that Francie brews.

Once again, Agatha stumbles onto a dead body. Who would have guessed?
As Agatha does her own amateur sleuthing she quickly comes to the conclusion that one of her fellow hotel guests must be the killer.

What really threw me off of this book was yet another character named Jimmy. First there is James Lacey her love interest, then there was Jimmy Raisin her first husband and now there is Jimmy Jessop, the handsome local police officer. For a person who reads this series, the over use of the same name is a bit of a distraction.
Sir Charles Fraith reappears in this book and I have to say he is my most favorite character. His humor and chiding certainly keeps Agatha on her toes and a needed breath of fresh air to Agatha stodgy temperament.

To keep Agatha's character moving forward you really should read the books in order, just be forewarned that not all books are as good as their predecessors.

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