Wednesday, April 28, 2010

True Food: 8 Simple Steps for a Healthier You

True Food: 8 Simple Steps for a Healthier You.

Annie B. Bond - Melissa Breyer - Wendy Gordon

4 out of 5
If you have never stepped foot into the green movement or done any exploring into the realm then this is a good resource. But if you have been poking around for awhile, very little of what these authors have to offer will sound new.

The 8 steps involve: Eat Local, Eat a Variety, Go for Organic, Eat Lower on the Food Chain, Eat Fresh, Eat Whole Foods, Stocking your pantry, Green Your Kitchen

By reviewing the list, you can see that many of the subjects repeat themselves. Local food is cheaper to transport, higher in food value since it doesn't have to travel as far, etc., but we know this, tell me something more. Their "what is in season guide" is good, since we are so used to supermarkets that offer watermelon in January, it's good to come back to reality from time to time.

If variety is the spice of life, eat the rainbow. Great advice. Vary what you eat, colors mean something and each have their own hidden values.

Going organic is a great idea if 1) you can afford it and 2) if you trust you source. Choose wisely.

Lower on the food chain. Become more of an herbivore and less of a carnivore. This was a really good chapter. Explained a couple of things that I didn't know. Complementary Protein Combinations.

Eating Fresh sort of recaps everything that has been already covered.

Whole Foods. Fiber. Sugars. Whole Grains. Think unprocessed and you pretty much have it.

Stocking your pantry. Personally, when the term Green is used too much I get a little concerned. Apparently, this means different things to different people. Restocking your pantry can be a very pricy undertaking so they suggested slow and steady. Make the best choices you can when the opportunity presents itself - and I will guarantee you, most markets don't even have the products that are suggested.

Green Your Kitchen. Once again, back to that Green word. Keep your kitchen clean, don't use harsh chemicals and use common sense.

Over all, it is a very good book. Very helpful information and very good recipes. I recommend it as a good starting point for jumping off into a new "Healthier You".

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