Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mozart's Ghost

Mozart's Ghost

Julia Cameron

3 out of 5

This uninspiring story introduces you to Anna, a Midwest transplant to New York City who fills in as a substitute teacher during the day to give the appearance of normality, but her evenings are dedicated to psychic readings.

Always seen as the misfit and wacko, Anna guards her secret to the point of rarely letting anyone in. Then one day her life is thrown into turmoil as a concert pianist moves into her very quiet apartment building and with his constant playing her psychic vibes are thrown into a turmoil. That is until Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart appears and torments her into providing help, and calming, to a very stressed pianist who just happens to be preparing for the concert performance of his life performing Mozart's work.. With Anna's, and Mozarts help, Edward is finally able to bring his rather non-conformists ways to a reasonable existence.

Overall the book seemed to lack a crescendo. The psychic reading were interesting, but the romance that was budding between Anna and Edward seemed more of a high school romance then two grown adults and was rather unimaginative.

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