Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Room with a Clue

Title: Room with a Clue
Author: Kate Kingsbury
Publisher: October 1st 1993 by Berkley
Format: ebook; Papeback Pgs 204
Genre: Historical Mystery
Series:Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery #1

Well thank goodness that is over. I was looking for a lighter reader as a filler before I tackled my next book and since I had come across Room with a Clue as a free download, I figured why not. I should have kept looking.

Once the murder occurred, the who and why was obvious, but the how took a little more figuring and since I had long lost interest, it was nice of Kate Kingsbury to sum up the whole plot at the end.

Add in a missing python that was to be the center attraction of a tableau, an addled ex-military man, a widow trying to run a boutique hotel, the mother of a minister with bladder control issues, a mystery guest and the forced use of British colloquialisms all taking place during Edwardian times was enough for me to stop after the first book.

Good luck to those that will continue, but with its repetition and slow pace this was definitely not for me.

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