Friday, May 9, 2014

Duck and Goose Go to the Beach

Title: Duck and Goose Go to the Beach
Author and Illustrator: Tad Hills
Publisher: April 8th 2014 by Schwartz & Wade
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 40
Genre: Children's
Series: Duck and Goose
Ages: Age Level: 3 - 7 | Grade Level: P - 2

Duck and Goose are friends. One the optimistic adventure seeker and the other a pessimistic naysayer. Together, they are the perfect match. Especially when their roles seem to reverse.

Duck loves the quiet meadow where they live; everything they need is there until, on a lark, they decide to take an adventure. Past the stump and over the stream, across the fields and up and down the hills until they find the beach and all the new friends that live there.

I had never heard the term drip castle before, but what a great thing to try the next time we travel to the ocean. Basically you make a slurry of sand and water and drip one layer on top of the next until your create your own free form castle.

I found Duck and Goose Go to the Beach more of a read to instead of a read together book. Not that the reading level was too challenging, just that for some reason it worked out better that way.

This is a great end of spring, get ready for summer book. One to bring out on a relaxing day and read of the adventures of two friends and the great day that they had.

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