Friday, May 30, 2014

Have You Seen My Dragon?

Title: Have You Seen My Dragon?
Author and Illustrator: Steve Light
Published: April 8th 2014 by Candlewick Press
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 48
Genre: Children's
Ages: 2 - 5 year olds

I would call this a multi-aspect reader. On one level, your child is following the story of a little boy that is wandering all over the city looking for his pet dragon. Hidden within each black and white drawing is an easy to find dragon. Then to add to the fun, in the upper right hand corner of each section, there is a number next to an item that can be found on the page.

I know that sounds complicated, but it is very self-explanatory once you open the book.

So not only are they reading, but in a way playing a simplified version of Where’s Waldo and then they add to the fun by counting 8 fire hydrants or 12 pigeons or even 20 lanterns.

This is an entertaining book making counting a game and not just another boring repetitive lesson.

Steve Light has come up with a very inventive learning tool that will teach your reader in a multitude of ways, and each time you take it off the shelf, you will feel like there is something new within the pages.

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