Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review - The Smallest Gift of Christmas

Title: The Smallest Gift of Christmas
Author: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: Candlewick (September 24, 2013)
Format: Board Book; Pgs 40
Genre: Children
Ages:3 to 7 years; Preschool to 2nd Grade

Selfish Roland is very disappointed that his Christmas present is so small. He hoped and wished for a larger gift and when he received that, he wanted something bigger and bigger. There was just no satisfying this child. That is until he realizes what is important and suddenly appreciates that the best gifts come in small packages.

This Christmas story might help young ones see that it is not about the size of the gift, but about home and family.

After the first reading, and you know a child wants the same story over and over, cover up the words and let your young one tell you the story they see. The simple illustrations, and I am not disparaging – some books are way over the top, are great springboards for a child’s imagination.

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