Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review - I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections

Title: I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections
Author: Nora Ephron
Publisher: Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (November 9, 2010)
Genre: Vicissitudes of Modern Life

I loved the audio version of this book. I loved driving to work each day and listening to Nora read to me a short snippet of what had happened in her life.

Though Nora may not remember names, faces or movie titles, she did remember the important things. Her love of and struggle with her passion for journalism, her trials of being a meatloaf, her successes and failures within the movie industry, but most importantly, what she will miss and what she will not.

What is most heartbreaking is that it is possible that she wrote her list of things that she will miss while undergoing treatment for the leukemia that eventually took her life. That should serve as a reminder to the rest of us, who have achieved a certain age, to treasure the things that we love even if others find it strange.

I will miss her humor and insight. I will miss her on target observations and I will always smile when reminded that I am not in my “senior” years, but I am only in my “google” years. That will help to cushion the blow when I myself cannot remember things that I swear I knew yesterday.

Thank you Nora and I will miss you.

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