Friday, December 13, 2013

Review - Lucky Bang

Title: Lucky Bang
Author: Deborah Coonts
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (June 28, 2012)
Format: e-Book; Pgs 94; 204 KB
Genre: Mystery
Source: Amazon Purchase
Series: Lucky O'Toole Las Vegas Adventures #3.5

I am not a fan of the half books that author seem to be putting out in a way to keep their fans hooked without really moving a story line along. I tend to just skip them and wait until a full-length novel is published. With that being said, I could not avoid this book. I love the Lucky O’Toole series.

You have mystery, you have naughty, you have interesting reoccurring characters and you have Ms. Lucky O’Toole the head of customer relations at Babylon, a major hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Right there, that should tell you that her 18-hour days are not what you would call normal. She works for the big boss which is also her father. Her mother is a madam who just also happens to be pregnant again with the big boss’s child. Lucky’s ex-boyfriend is a straight female impersonator that is currently on a world tour and her current boyfriend is a chef at the Burger Palais.

I know, it sounds strange, but if you have been following Lucky’s life from the very first book, this is not strange at all.

In this very short, 94’ish page novella, Lucky is chasing after old dynamite that just might be leading her to her father’s old flame and a possible long lost brother. Of course, life is not that easy especially when her father goes missing and half of Vegas is attempting to fill Lucky in on the past.

Trying to put the pieces together before all heck breaks loose keeps Lucky on her toes and away from the radio, which is playing a love song just for her.

I really enjoy this series and always look forward to the next Lucky adventure.

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