Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday at the Movies - Home by Christmas

Linda Hamilton ... Julie Bedford
Rob Stewart ... Michael
Brenda Crichlow ... Selma
Garwin Sanford ... George Bedford
Brittney Wilson ... Andie Bedford

Why is it that a woman is expected to suspend reality and become completely brain dead to watch a romance movie? Maybe I just answered my own question when I added in the term romance movie.

Linda Hamilton plays Julie a woman who has just realized that her husband is seeing a much younger woman. Now this is where the viewer is expected to become dumb. Julie lives in an upper income community and only accepts $25,000 as her half equity in the home and asks for no alimony. Moves into a questionable neighborhood, gets behind on her bills (where is the money). Gets mugged, goes to the hospital and has no medical insurance, loses her checkbook and credit cards, is evicted from her apartment for being one week late with the rent, bank takes an unprecedented amount of time in refunding the stolen funds. Sleeps in a car. Squats in an unoccupied open house. Orthopedic surgeon rides in and saves the day. The End.


Who believes this stuff and feels good after a movie like this? Now look around, whom do you know that has had their life fall out from underneath them and a knight rides in and saves the day?

This is why I cannot watch movies like this. I guess I need a bit more reality and a lot less fluff to set the example that a woman can pick herself up by her proverbial bootstraps and make it on her own.

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