Monday, December 26, 2011

Mailbox Monday - Original Sin and Loving Frank

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Title: Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure
Author: Beth McMullen
Publisher: Hyperior
Publication Date: June 15, 1995
Format: Paperback; Pgs 291
Genre: Spy-Mom Thriller
Source: Paperback Swap
Series: Sally Sin #1

After falling in love and making a quick exit from her nine-year career in the USAWMD (United States Agency for Weapons of Mass Destruction), ex-spy Sally Sin does her best to become Lucy Hamilton, a stay-at-home mom in San Francisco. No one, not even her adoring husband Will, knows about her secret agent escapades--chasing no-good masterminds through perilous jungles, escaping evil assassins, and playing dangerous games of cat and mouse with her old nemesis, Ian Blackford, a notorious and dashing illegal arms dealer.

In her new life as Lucy Hamilton, she squeezes inside forts crafted from couch cushions by her three-year-old son Theo, makes organic applesauce, and frequents the zoo. But sometimes her well-honed spy reflexes refuse to lay low. She can't help breaking into her own house to check on the babysitter or stop herself from tossing the yoga instructor who gets on her nerves. And when Ian Blackford, who is supposed to be dead, once again starts causing trouble for the USAWMD, the agency becomes desperate to get Sally back on the job.

How can Sally or Lucy or whatever her name is save the planet while at the same time keeping her own family's world from spinning out of control?

Every bit as much fun as a spy-mom thriller ought to be, Original Sin is a fast-paced adventure story for mothers and spies, and anyone who has ever dreamed about being either.

Title: Loving Frank
Author: Nancy Horan
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: April 8, 2008
Format: Paperback; Pgs 400
Genre: Fiction
Source: Purchase

A fictionalization of the life of Mamah Borthwick Cheney, best known as the woman who wrecked Frank Lloyd Wright's first marriage. Despite the title, this is not a romance, but a portrayal of an independent, educated woman at odds with the restrictions of the early 20th century. Frank and Mamah, both married and with children, met when Mamah's husband, Edwin, commissioned Frank to design a house. Their affair became the stuff of headlines when they left their families to live and travel together, going first to Germany, where Mamah found rewarding work doing scholarly translations of Swedish feminist Ellen Key's books. Frank and Mamah eventually settled in Wisconsin, where they were hounded by a scandal-hungry press, with tragic repercussions. Horan puts considerable effort into recreating Frank's vibrant, overwhelming personality, but her primary interest is in Mamah, who pursued her intellectual interests and love for Frank at great personal cost. As is often the case when a life story is novelized, historical fact inconveniently intrudes: Mamah's life is cut short in the most unexpected and violent of ways, leaving the narrative to crawl toward a startlingly quiet conclusion. Nevertheless, this spirited novel brings Mamah the attention she deserves as an intellectual and feminist.


Tribute Books Mama said...

I hope you enjoy! your books.

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Original Spy sounds like it would be a fun read!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I've heard good things about Loving Frank - hope you enjoy it!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Loving Frank looks good...and I've been drooling over Original Sin for awhile. Enjoy!


Peggy said...

Sounds good but I wish the one about Wright would be factual not fictional. Happy Reading

Jenny Q said...

Great mailbox! I've had my eye on Original Sin. Thanks for participating in Mailbox Monday this month!