Friday, December 23, 2011


Title: Seizure
Author: Robin Cook
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: October 5, 2004
Format: Audio
Genre: Medical Suspense
Source: Library

I think that my brain checked out somewhere in the middle of this book. The beginning concept of the book, embryonic transplant cells to cure or alleviate Parkinson’s disease, is in itself an interesting concept. That is where the good part of the story ended. Why Dr. Cook needed to throw in the Mafia and a religious angle made no sense. Neither of them was fully explained and neither of them added to the overall storyline.

In what is purported to be a collision of power, religion and bioscience Dr. Cook takes the reader down the road with Dr. Daniel Lowell who is trying to develop the HTSR technique that involves replacing damaged DNA with replacement healthy cells. Where and how they get these cells might make a reader angry, but that is what biomedical controversies are built on. When Dr. Lowell runs into a roadblock by the name of Senator Ashley Butler, he thinks that his medical advancements are doomed. That is until Senator Butler covertly asks to be his human guinea pig.

Somewhere in this long drawn out book is an interesting plot. Unfortunately, Dr. Cook throws too much in and dilutes all the interesting parts. I suggest that you pass on this particular book and check out some of his others. He seems to run hot and cold in his reviews, but there are good ones out there.


KarenJoan said...

I have really enjoyed some of his books; others not so much...I will avoid this one.

DuhBearsFan said...

Oh boy. Sounds like a nice concept taking the wrong road. I won't be reading this. Nice review, by the way!