Saturday, October 29, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Week 3

Christmas Countdown

Please visit The Organized Home. This site is designed to help the procrastinator in me get ready for the holidays.

I highly suggest that you check out their homepage and sign up for a weekly reminder. I will only be posting here the items that will fit with my life and home, but there are many more ideas at suggestions at their site.

Welcome to Gifts and Giving Week! It's the time to focus on gift lists, gift buying and gift wrapping.

Gift-buying wins out as the "biggest holiday organization challenge". During Gifts and Giving Week, the goal is to get on top of the gift list.

For many families, gift-giving is a prime source of holiday financial stress. So the plan is to divide and conquer, spreading gift-buying over a four-week period, and tracking your purchases.

Week 3

· Observe Time Change Sunday. Check smoke detectors and assess your household's emergency plan.

· Divide the Christmas card list into five groups. Write and address the second group this week.

· Review and renegotiate adult gift giving. Can you simplify your family's "unwritten rules? Draw names and set a price limit for a gift exchange. Could your family dispense with adult gifts in favor of gifts to charity or family service project?

· Divide entries on your gift list into five groups. Continue shopping for Christmas gifts, and try to buy one-fifth of the gifts this week.

· To ensure delivery, finish all catalog and online shopping.

· Designate a special envelope for all receipts.

· Will you be making gifts this year? What can you "practically" get done in time? Now cut that list in half. You don't have as much time as you think.

· Plan Thanksgiving Dinner. Order the turkey.

· Review your holiday budget.

· Gift wrapping and supplies ready?

· If you need a babysitter during the holiday, make arrangements now.

· Start a stocking stuffers list.

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