Saturday, October 15, 2011

Countdown to Christmas - Week 1

Christmas Countdown

So I stopped by my local ‘mart store and was shocked that Christmas decorations are already out and we haven’t even had a chance to shop for Halloween candy. So, I decided to take the proverbal bull by the horns and not let Christmas sneak up on me this year.

After a quick perusal of the web, I found a checklist at The Organized Home. This list is designed to help the procrastinator in me get ready for the holidays.

I highly suggest that you check out their homepage and sign up for a weekly reminder. I will only be posting her the items that will fit with my life and home, but there are many more ideas at suggestions at their site.

Week 1:

•Calendar. Add important get together dates.

•Start a master gift list. Not only the people you are buying for, but to help keep track of what you bought and what you spent.

•Begin a Christmas card list. Locate addresses, and consider making a computerized Christmas card address list for maximum time savings.

•If you are a list maker, search out a house cleaning list. This will help you to keep everything clean and ready for the holiday.

•Will your family travel this holiday season? Make travel plans and reservations this week.

•Will you host houseguests this year? Make arrangements for any overnight guests.

•Declutter tabletops and public rooms before you decorate.

•If you haven't done so already, decorate for Halloween or Harvest celebrations

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