Friday, July 11, 2014

Boom Snot Twitty

Title: Boom Snot Twitty
Author: Doreen Cronin
Illustrator: Renata Liwska
Published: May 1st 2014 by Viking Juvenile
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 40
Genre: Children's
Ages: Age Level: 3 - 5 | Grade Level: P - K

Rarely have I run across a child’s book that I would call boring, but this one definitely qualifies.

Boom the Bear, Snot the Snail and Twitty the Bird are friends that look at the world differently. Boom wants adventure, Twitty likes the status quo and Snot prefers to see if there will be better options. Thus begins the day when a sudden storm arises.

This book did not interest me. There was no grab or humor. The illustrations are charming and simple and tell the story, but still, there was something missing.

For us, this will not be a shelf keeper.

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