Monday, July 21, 2014

As the Crow Flies

Title: As the Crow Flies
Author: Craig Johnson
Publisher: May 15th 2012 by Viking Adult
Format: Hardcover, 308 pages
Genre: Mystery
Series: Walt Longmire #8

I am in a quandary when it comes to Sheriff Longmire, both the books and the show are outstanding, but they have very little in common, but yet, if the television series could be as funny as these book then I would more forgiving.

Honest, it is just another day in the life of Sheriff Walt Longmire when he and Henry Standing Bear are out looking for a site for Cady’s upcoming wedding. Something catches Walt’s eye and the next thing you know, a woman is falling from the cliff. By the time that Walt and Henry get to her she is deceased but Walt’s dog, Dog, discovers a small child that appears to be uninjured.

Walt has no interest in participating in an investigation taking place on the reservations, but Lolo Long is too new in her job as Tribal Police Chief and Walt believes that it is his responsibility to help. Walt is still recovering from his last trip to the mountain and as the story behind the death of Audrey Plain Feather and the near death of her son Adrian comes to light, it has Walt right back into the thick of things and once again going toe to toe with “Cliff Cly of the FBI”.

By the end of the book, I was confused as to where the title had come from, but as Walt is waiting for his daughter to make her way to him he looks to the sky and there are two crows, playing tag above. As he is watching their graceful arcs, their patterns are intertwining in figure eights of eternity. That was the perfect visual to end the story of a little boy finding a new family and to see Cady embark on a new journey wearing her mother’s ring.

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