Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review - If Kisses Were Colors

Title: If Kisses Were Colors
Author: Janet lawler
Illustrator: Alison Jay
Publisher: Dial (March 31, 2003)
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 32
Genre: Children’s
Source: Library
Ages: 3 and up

Beautiful folk art illustrations by Alison Jay are used to tell the story of how important and wondrous kisses can be. Whether kisses are pebbles on the beach or flowers in a garden or even acorns that grown into beautiful oak trees, they represent a tangible thing that have lasting impact.

Read this wonderful book to your young one and tell them that as Janet Lawler said:

If kisses were blankets
You’d always be warm
Wrapped up from the cold
During winter’s worst storm

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Irene said...

I need to buy this for my boys, thanks for your review.