Monday, June 6, 2011

One Call Away

Brenda Warner

One Call Away

When it came to writing this review, I have been procrastinating. For what this woman has been through, I do not want to be another thorn in her side, but I truly did not like the person that Brenda Warner was putting forth.

By mid-book, I was fed up with her self-involved selfishness. Me, me, me, I, I , I, me, me, me. You have to do everything her way. You had to have her faith, you had to agree with her priorities, and you had to stop everything you were doing to comfort her. Geez, she was raised a fragile princess and pretty much milked that for all it was worth. Even after her parents died, she was more concerned with who would bail her out of her next predicament then to actually pull herself up and be responsible.

If you ever wanted to jump through the pages of a book and shake someone, this is your girl.

I will admit that Brenda’s life is not easy - a single parent of a disabled son and a young daughter, an ex-husband that is more hindrance than help, parents that have been taken from her life when she was unable to cope and the biggest burden of all, apparently, was being the girlfriend and then wife to a respected NFL Quarterback.

“Until then, I had always been the spiritual teacher in our relationship. I could pick and choose the lessons I wanted him to learn, like how to love your wife and what forgiveness meant.

For a person who is constantly flinging her beliefs in your face, she sure does not seem of have much faith. She wants it her way and she wants it now. God better step-up and he better do it NOW.

With a hundred pages to go, I was really hoping that the tides would have turned and that I would begin to like and respect Brenda, but that did not seem to be the situation. That is unfortunate. She admits to pushing away family when they wanted something from her, but all those years before when she wanted something, they were there. No questions asked, this jealous insecure woman could not let go of her controlling need to just deal with it. No wonder she earned a negative reputation.

I doubt that that this book set out with the intention of turning the world off Brenda Warner, but unfortunately, for me, that is exactly what it did. She whines about others being ungrateful, about not thinking that she is pretty enough, about how others had a hard time being emotionally supportive of a multimillionaire when they themselves were having a hard time paying their bills.

“When our friends and family were still struggling to pay their bills—just as I had for so many years – they didn’t know how to be emotionally supportive of a multimillionaire. And I didn’t know how to be supportive of them.”

Brenda, you are hop-scotching on my last nerve.

This self-aggrandizing book serves no purpose other than to garner yet again more attention for an insecure little girl that refuses to grow up and take responsibility. Her repetitiveness in saying that she is confident and comfortable in who she is has turned into a running joke. Anyone with her insecurities is neither comfortable nor confident; and now Kurt’s winning has validated something inside of her? Really?

I had wished that this book was more inspirational. That Ms Warner would have used her platform to talk to other women about how to face life’s challenges. How to garner strength from those around you and how to use the gifts that we have been given to get ourselves and our loved ones through emotionally and spiritually difficult times. That is not what she did. Guess she was just too self-involved to be an inspiration.

Book Source: Advanced Reader Copy - Netgally


DuhBearsFan said...

Whew. I would have expected something more from her. I have seen her occasionally on interview shows. A good honest review.

katknit said...

Thanks for the warning!

mike draper said...

Sometimes it is hard to be honest because someone took the time to write the book, but our first rule is that we must be honest with ourselves.
I admire you putting down exactly the way you felt.