Monday, June 13, 2011

The Girl She Used To Be

The Girl She Used To Be
David Christofano

I wish I had known what book I was reading. One placed referred to this book at a Young Adults, which if it was, the wording and dialogue style would have been wasted on a young teen, but yet, if the book was designed for the regular adult demographic – the story was too simplified and downright unbelievable. So, that leaves me unable to say exactly what it was that I read.

When Melody Grace McCartney was a young child, she with her parents, witnessed a Mafia style killing and was placed in the Witness Protection Service (WITSEC). After her parents were subsequently murdered because of a careless mistake on Melody part, she has now been bounced around with multiple names and occupations - none of which seems to suit this angry young woman.

This is where the proverbial train has left the tracks. A YA book would have you believing that the kindhearted son of the murderer has tracked down Melody and acting like her knight in shining armor, will bring her back to his family and all will be forgiven when it came Melody’s family testifying against them. However, the adult genre would have you scratching your head as to how a seemingly inept misguided young man could actually outwit the federal agents. Yes, I was scratching my head also.

As for the ending – complete hogwash. Totally unrealistic in an adult world where two people who do not really know each other act out a Romeo and Juliette-esque finale, but at the same time, offer a pseudo-happily ever after ending that young adults craves.

To be honest, I have no idea what I read. I do not suggest that you waste your time on trying to figure out this wreck, but just smile and nod and know that there are a few out there that loved it – maybe they love their mundane with a cherry on top, who’s to say.


DuhBearsFan said...

Oh boy. This is not a book for me! Good job reviewing the volume.

katknit said...

Too problematic for me. Thanks for a helpful review, Nancy.

KarenJoan said...

Yikes. Doesn't sound like it fits any demographic...