Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Main Corpse

The Main Corpse
(A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #6)

Diane Mott Davidson

Now I understand that when you read this genre, you have to take a giant step away from reality, but when a caterer kidnaps a jail inmate while she is being transported to a medical facility – not all should be forgiven just because your husband is a member of the local police department.

That really was my only complaint about this book. I enjoy Goldy Schultz and the crazy antics that she gets herself into. Really, who else is called to cater a company luncheon in an old mine that four wheel drive vehicles have a hard time getting to but her old trusty catering van has no trouble with. Goldy really does have the golden touch, not just with food, but apparently with terrain also.

Goldy’s best friend Marla is now out of the hospital after suffering a heart attack and has invested in the Eurydice Gold Mine. On a deeper look, boyfriend Tony Royce and financial advisor Albert Lipscomb may have something to hide. When a fraud is discovered and the partners are missing, Goldy rushes to her friend’s aid, but this time Goldy may have gone too far and has managed to put not only herself, but her loved ones as well, in great danger.

In this book, you will say goodbye to one character and hello to another. I will miss one, who always brought a smile to my face and will I withhold judgment on the new addition. There is real potential in this young man, but we will see where Ms Davison goes with him.

Once again, I suggest that you start this series from the beginning so you can appreciate all the quirks that are Goldy. She is quite an endearing character, and one that you will enjoy coming back to time and time again.


mike draper said...

Enjoyable review.
Not a fan of this author but liked your analysis.

katknit said...

The Goldy books are fun once in a while. Nicely written, Nancy.

KarenJoan said...

Love the title and your review, just not my cuppa. Well done, Nancy.