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Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life

Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life

Dr. Michelle Robin, D.C.

Dr. Michelle Robin, D.C., is the director of Your Wellness Connection located in Shawnee Falls, Kansas. Therefore, I approached this book wondering if it was designed as a giant advertisement for her services or if she actually meant what she said - wellness can be affordable.

This book outlines the seven steps that she and her associates take within their practice. Without being too preachy or too spiritual, the reader is shown what your body needs and why in a clear concise way.

It does not take millions to consistently practice the seven behaviors to do well. You have to intentionally set out to put your wellbeing first. In a world where we all take care of others, we have to first take care of ourselves.

Our society is overfed and undernourished.

This is not a book that is to be followed in a systematic order; the chapters are individual pieces that will create a whole wellness lifestyle that supports vibrant health for human beings.

Sounds good - doesn’t it? Let’s delve a little deeper.

With each chapter, there are questions to consider – basic how do you feel. OK, that could open up the direction that you need to go and then finishs with a Personal Story that will reinforce what was laid out in the chapter. Followed up with Practical Tips for Your Journey and a Journaling space. Very much an interactive book.

1. Rest, Reflect and Rejuvenate - this chapter focuses on the fun activities that rejuvenate us. That is a good start. For the most part, we do not add enough of this simple ingredient into our life. Stress and lack of sleep are killing us. Wow, I did not realize how many things are related to the lack of sleep. This chapter also goes into spiritual practices that might or might not work for all. Have Fun, Sleep More, Drink Water, Take Vitamins and Go Outside. OK that sounds simple.

2. Breathing. Emotions are intimately connected to breathing. Practice intentional deep breathing. This is a very interesting chapter that you will have to take your time with. If you concentrate on your breathing, you cannot dwell on everything else in your life.

3. Move Your Body. Oh, exercise is the biggest stumbling block. However, she actually uses the word movement, so it does not sound as intimidating. This is an interesting chapter outlining all the physical as well as emotional benefits of just moving your body. This chapter is a little involved and you will have to take your time. Delves into the benefits of Chiropractic care and since this is Dr. Robin’s forte that makes sense. Take your time with this step. No need to rush.

4. Free Your Space. Declutter – both mentally and physically. OK, I am 100% behind this one. Simplify and get rid of what you do not need. Clean up your surroundings and feel better.

5. Go for the Greens. Adding more green vegetables to your diet. Greens give cells what they need chemically so that they can function optimally. She claims that bowel inflammation is the primary cause of chronic disease. Never heard that before. A couple of recipes are included to help with incorporating more greens.

6. Eat From the Sea – and Enjoy the Sun. Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. There are some warnings in this area so be careful.

7. Drink to Your Health. Water. Shoot, I was hoping for so much more. You should consume half your body weight in ounces. Consuming fluid does not equal hydration. Clear water only, no juice, coffee, tea or soft drinks. Do not drink 30 minutes to 1 hour before a meal because you will dilute acids that you need for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Room temperature water is best.

Overall, I thought that this was a very interesting book. As Dr. Robin said, it is a slow process and if you try to do too much too soon, you might give up before you get the full effect.

As she says, not one single change makes you well; it is a combination and a commitment to wellbeing. This is a long commitment 18 to 36 months. That is a long time in this instant gratification society, your body didn’t get to where it is overnight so you shouldn’t expect it to be healed overnight either.

I do think that I gained knowledge from this book and I do recommend it for adding to your overall wellness.


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