Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aunt Dimity Down Under

To me the Aunt Dimity series is one of those rare gems that should go on and on forever. I love coming back to Finch each year and meeting up with old friends and just peeking in on what Lori and her family are up to. You really have to read these books in order to see Lori for all her flaws and loyalties. She loves her family and friends and will do anything for them. Even if it means traipsing to the end of the earth to bring a final happiness to two dearly loved friends.

“I'd been called many things in my life, but I'd never been called diplomatic. I lost my tempter too easily, I spoke too hastily, and I seldom let facts complicate a good theory.”

Devastating news has hit Lori Shepherd. The Pym sisters have taken ill and are not expected to live much longer. In their need to finish their last requests, they have asked Lori to find Aubrey Pym their scandalous brother who was run off by their father decades before. Apparently, Aubrey was a bit of a cad and coming from a religious family, this action was not tolerated.

After meeting with the Pym family solicitor, Fortescue Makepeace, Lori heads off to New Zealand to begin this sacrosanct journey. With the help of Cameron Mackenzie, a dashing but unavailable friend of Lori’s husband Bill, the duo travel throughout New Zealand being one-step behind the beneficiary of the Pym family fortune - a fortune that has an interesting history of its own.

Aunt Dimity Down Under reads more like a travelogue then a mystery. There really is no “who-done-it” to figure out, just a wild romp through a country with breathtaking lands and welcoming people.

The ending has a nice lead into the next book, Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree, where Lori’s now retired father-in-law moves to town and is renovating the Fairworth House.

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Sounds fun. Good review!