Monday, May 16, 2011

9th Judgment

9th Judgment (Women’s Murder Club Series #9)

James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

What makes a writer continue on when the story is over? I was enjoying this tale until James Patterson needed to continue with a couple of chapters at the end that were not necessary. Is there a certain word count or page number that an author has to hit before their book is complete?

Lindsay Boxer and her team respond to a gruesome murder – someone is killing young mothers and their children and leaving a horrific “WCF” message behind in the woman’s lipstick. It takes Boxer and her team most of the book to actually figure out the obvious, but that is typical Patterson.

In a parallel storyline, a cat burglar whom the media has referred to as “Hello Kitty” is robbing homes while the owners are having a party and have just happened to leave their safes unlocked. A narrow escape involving Hello Kitty opens up an opportunity for an aging movie star to take care of a bit of his own business.

As the two stories reach their conclusions and intertwine, Boxer and her team, with the help of a character from a previous book, try to end the WCF killings and bring peace once again to San Francisco. However, that would be too easy and once again, Lindsay is drawn into yet another round with a lying deceitful manipulating character that appears to turn Lindsay’s world on end.

Patterson writes a very simple easy to follow book. Are you going to be mesmerized and tantalized with his writing – no. Are you going to brag to all of your friends that you just read a Patterson – I hope not. Are you going to say – darn these books are addictive and I hope that one day he writes a books that lives up to all of the hype – most definitely.


katknit said...

Honest and fair review, Nancy. Patterson's not one of my faves.

Karen Joan said...

Patterson has a way of drawing you in, but leaving you a bit unsatisfied. Nice job, Nancy.