Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chocolate Covered Crime

I really enjoyed this book. Very reminiscent of another series that I am reading, Krista Davis’s Domestic Diva Mysteries. The writing styles and ensemble casts are very similar.

When I first picked up this book, I had not realized that it was the third in a series. That being said, I do not think I had missed that much. There are references to previous solved crimes, but that did not take away from the story that is being told. This book does mention who a previous villain was, but to be honest, by the time I get to that volume I will not remember.

Summer and Ethan are in the middle of planning their wedding, an April Fool’s Day wedding, but that is not a deterrent, the problem is Mae Belle. Their wedding coordinator is dead with a letter opener sticking out of her back. Since this is not Summer’s first rodeo, as they say, she is determined to find who killed her and to get her wedding back on track.

Mae Belle has had her share of disgruntled clients, but who wanted her dead? Each person that has had their name crossed off Mae Belle’s planner had their reasons and as Summer searches out each on the list, the possible suspects and their reasons become more twisted. That is until there is no one left but…… Well, it could not be, but then again, that does make sense.

Do keep in mind that this is a Christian Cozy Mystery. There is no swearing or indecent moments between characters, in fact, Summer Meadows and her fiancé talk about waiting until they are married before there is any intimacy beyond passionate kissing. There are occasional references to Biblical passages, but they are not so overdone as to make the reader feel as if they have just left a Bible study.

This is a fun quick read and I will just have to go back to the beginning and learn a little bit more about Summer Meads, the owner of Summers Confections.


mike draper said...

Nice review. It seems like a good read.

Kris said...

Thanks for the warning that it's considered a Christian book. I tend to stay away from those because they always seem preachy to me. I do love the title though.

katknit said...

Nicely done, N.

Karen Joan said...

Hey, anything chocolate sounds good to me. ;-) Great revie, nancy.