Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Stoned With Savages

Getting Stoned With Savages

J. Maarten Troost

4 out of 5

Good, but I don't really think it was as good as the first. Though still very laugh out loud funny, Troost seemed to have been trying to hard to achieve what appeared to be more easily gained in his first book.

After finding himself in a boring 9-5 type of job, Maarten and Sylvia can't wait to get back to the life that they had had on Tarawa. This time it's the more settled Vanuatu and Fiji. Though still a bit rustic, with Kava, anything is doable, and so Maarten and Sylivia set out for this adventure.

This lifestyle doesn't seem as challenging as Tarawa, but still they do find themselves in a quagmire to two, but they are veterans at this paradise thing so what are a few cannibal, bugs and mother nature. Besides, when you have the local chiefs living next door. Life's a piece of cake.

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Diane said...

That was a funny memoir of sorts. I rated it the same Nancy