Saturday, October 24, 2009

Demon Ex Machina

Demon Ex Machina

Julie Kenner

4 out of 5

Though this book starts out a bit choppy with too much rehashing of previous relationships and storylines, Kenner finally settles down and once again the reader is vicariously enjoying Kate's life as a wife, mom and demon hunter.

Now that Stuart knows Kate's part time job, he has decided to give up his run for political office and is now training to help Kate in her nightly forays into demon hunting. Unfortunately, this time it gets a bit too close to home and Kate's family is in real danger. You don't threaten a demon hunters family, so Kate kicks this one up a notch only to find out that the danger is closer then ever and she now must make a choice. Is Eric, her first husband, really who he claims to be or is he too keeping a secret deep inside.

Decisions are never easy for this demon hunting soccer mom, but now that her past is revealed, she must make choices. She isn't who she thought she was, her history has been opened and now she must move forward and it's up to Stuart if he wants to join her.

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