Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bee Keepers Apprentice

The Bee Keepers Apprentice

Laurie R. King

3 out of 5

I don't like being the dissenting opinion, but this book just hit me a little wrong or maybe it is my inability to have a beloved character toyed with; but this story of Mary Russsell, a precocious 15 year old, whom after the death of her family moves to a farm with an aunt, and who just happens to run into the famous Sherlock Homes on one of her daily sojourns into the country is just too contrived for me.

The idea that this young woman can match wits with Sherlock is a little overdrawn and as the years go by and they investigate a few cases much in the same way as Holmes and Watson, just seems as if the author is stealing an idea instead of coming up with one of her own.
Unfortunately, I don't think I will continue on with this series, but will once again go back and read the original Conan Doyle accounts of a fascinating character.

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Beth F said...

Thanks for your honest opinion. I'm very curious about this series and I know -- like you -- I'll at least read the first one.