Thursday, October 22, 2009

Club Dead

Club Dead

Charlaine Harris

4 out of 5

It boggles the mind the adventures that Sookie Stackhouse can get herself into, but yet again, there she is, right in the middle of vampires and wherewolves. I didn't know that shape shifters could be so much fun.

In this third outing, Bill is pulling back from Sookie, actually spending more time on his computer then on her, if you get her complaint. So when Sookie finds out that Bill has an up coming trip she figures there is a big lie in there somewhere but when Bill is discovered to be missing she turns to Eric who just might know where to find him. And this might not be good news for Sookie.

With the help of Alcide, sometimes you just have love the names that Harris comes up with, a werewolf, the antics begin in the search for the missing Bill.

Though this book did seem to drag in parts for me, the interaction between Eric and Sookie is always entertaining and with Harris slowly revealing Eric's background I can see a much more entertaining character develop.

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