Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Sixth Target

The Sixth Target

James Patterson

4 out of 5

I know that this series doesn't rate very high with most people, but I really enjoy it.

Each character has their own voice and style, with a definite feel of who they are. The story begins with a mass shooting on the ferry where one of the Murder Club's own is left struggling for her life and if that's not enough there is a rash of child prodigy kidnapping- but no ransom demands that leaves Boxer and the department stupefied. Not only that, but Lindsey has now been demoted, which isn't quite what she wanted and a personal life in turmoil. I enjoy the multiple storylines that have you bouncing back and forth with little tidbits thrown in that keep you wondering along the way. The "who-done-its" are easy to see and the "why's" aren't too complicated, but the way they bounce back and forth are what kept me reading.

Oh, and there is a nice little surprise near the end that will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Just love these Murder Club girls.

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