Saturday, May 24, 2008

Carpool Diem

Carpool Diem

Nancy Star

5 out of 5

Funny premise. Annie Flemming, a high powered woman, has always felt that her life was darn near perfect. Her husband and daughter have no problem with her choosing her career and travel over them, the baby-sitter takes up the slack and other things are adjusted for. Annie leaves notes and detail daily plans - what could go wrong. That is until it all comes crashing down. Well, the unthinkable happens and Annie is forced out of her high powered career. When she returns home and sees her life and family for what they are her life starts to spin out of control. Her husband isn't nearly as tough as she thought and her daughter Charlotte doesn't seem to have the same type of drive that mom does. Well, that will soon change if Annie has anything to say about it. So, what does take-no-prisoners Annie do, she applies her know how and becomes a soccer mom. If she can organize and motivate a boardroom how hard could this be. Little did she know that the cut throat atmosphere of the elite level of travel team soccer could do her and her daughter in. Very funny moments, but I did take it a little personally when a comment was made about "if you think soccer is bad, have you ever tried to talk to a hockey mom". If it wasn't so true, it would have been funny. Great book if you do or have ever had kids in highly competitive sports. More than one character will have you spinning down the hall of memories and certain parents and coaches that made you want to scream.

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