Friday, May 30, 2008

Hunting The King

Hunting the King

Peter Clenott

4 out of 5

One more book in the “just like Da Vinci Code”, but the only difference is, this one is good.

In 2003, as America is invading Iraq, a discovery is made that leads Molly O’Dwyer to believe that Hannaniah, the supposed daughter of Jesus, is there and Molly must find the remains before they are lost forever. Being an observant Catholic, she battles herself over the bigger picture. If she finds and reveals them to the world, what will happen to the Christian faith? With a long list of characters that had me a bit confused at times, Molly and her fellow scientist’s race through Iraq and Afghanistan following clues that Hannaniah herself left in her poetry. Climaxing in a battle of good vs evil and who can outwit who, Clenot has you on the edge of your seat until the final pages.

The brutality of the time and place are not lost on the reader, Clenott manages to carry the reader through Abu Ghraib and into the beauty of the country that protects their traditions and will fight to withhold them.

What I respected Clenott for was his implying but not really coming out and saying who the mother of the child was. Mary Magdalene’s name had been mentioned in the book as a follower, but it was never said outright that she was the mother of Hannaniah. I’m glad he didn’t get caught up in the current hype and let the reader reach their own conclusion. The one thing that did caused me to mark the book down one star was the fact that the lead character was a diabetic, but yet was able to go long days without eating and only needing one insulin shot. I don’t know why Clenott included this tidbit about his character since it really wasn’t necessary and for me, drew me away from the story. Having lived with my father, a diabetic for years, this didn’t make sense to me and kept drawing me away from the story.

Apparently, this is the first in a planned series and I look forward to see more from this writer and Molly O’Dwyer.

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Penguin said...

Great book! Of course, I'm the writer. So who cares what I think, besides my three waifs who need this book to be a success or they'll starve.

Stepfordmomto2 said...

Gee, no pressure there. But I did like the book, look forward to more in the series.