Saturday, May 24, 2008

100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards

N. D. Wilson

3 out of 5

Young Henry is sent off to live with his aunt, uncle and cousins to Henry Iowa after his parents are kidnapped while on an unexplained world traveling adventure. Since there isn't an extra bedroom in the house, that is except of the room that his grandfather died in and no one can get the door open, Henry is sent to live up in the attic. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that the plaster starts to crack and suddenly reveals 100 cupboard doors of all shapes and sizes. These are not just any cupboard doors, but are portals to very strange places. This very odd very slow moving story leaves too much up to the reader, there is not much explanation as to why or even how, but yet you get the feeling that this is supposed to be the beginning of a series that will slowly, and I mean slowly, unfold. The last chapter or two is what makes the book, but getting there is quite a chore.

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