Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mr. Miracle

Title: Mr. Miracle
Author: Debbie Macomber
Expected Publication: October 7th 2014 by Ballantine Books
Format: ARC Approx 250 pages
Genre: Holiday Romance
Source: Amazon Vine Program

This book hit a raw nerve for me, just having paid college fees for my daughter, I have to get this off my chest, colleges do not give books to students; they are expensive and each student is responsible for seeking out their own, I do not believe the excuse of grants that was given in this book, that is usually for the instructor and classroom space. Second, a person transferring from out of state has either to spend a year attaining residency or pay the outrageous out of state fees. Sorry, but this bothered me throughout the book and I just needed to rant.

Addie Folsom has come back home to Tacoma after finally admitting her failure in mining and realizing that working in a diner was getting her nowhere. She regrets leaving high school prior to graduating and needs one class so she enrolls at the local community college to acquire her much-desired diploma.

Harry Mills is an angel who has been sent to earth in human form as a college instructor placed in a rag tag class with the sole purpose of befriending Addie and guiding her towards Erich a childhood neighbor and the future love of her life.

Erich has recently been in an accident and with his mother and Addie’s mother heading out of town on a long planned cruise, Addie volunteers to help Erich until they return. Who did not see this coming? I am however, curious as to how a man with two broken wrists can take care of his bathroom needs, but then again, I tend to let my mind wander.

Told in the usual Macomber style of romance and fluff, the reader follows Harry’s bumbling as a first time emissary of heaven and Addie and Erich’s budding relationship.

When I look back at this book, I think that I am still bothered by the abrupt ending which is staying a lot since throughout the reading I kept dwelling on Debbie Macomber’s lack of knowledge of sending a person to college. However, I have already ranted about that and I will not go through it again.

I could not understand how the reader is in the middle of a party and within a couple of pages the book is over. Then I did a little research and have found out that the Hallmark channel is already filming this book as an upcoming holiday movie. Now, I am beginning to wonder about the chicken and egg thing. Did they write the movie first and then quickly threw a book together to fit around it? Maybe I am being skeptical, but I do wonder.

Mr. Miracle does appear to be the first in a series and if the students in Harry Mills’ class are any indication, Debbie Macomber has a franchise with just these people.

The book is a quick read, does not delve too deeply into either romance or religion and lovers of Macomber’s previous Mrs. Miracle books, will appreciate this new series. I just wish that there had more substance and research prior to publication.

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