Monday, April 21, 2014

The Grilling Season

Title: The Grilling Season
Author: Diane Mott Davidson
Publisher: September 2nd 1997 by Bantam
Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
Genre: Mystery
Series: Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery #7

It has been a long time since I have read a Diane Mott Davidson book. I know, it is a love hate relationship with some readers, but there is something about Goldy that I like. Her capers might be on the silly side and her son reads more immature than his age, but that is what happens when your characters live is a small community in Colorado where everyone knows each other and Goldy shares the same abusive ex-husband with the lady down the street.

Goldy has been hired to cater the Babsie (think along the lines of a Mattel fashion icon with a very similar name) Doll Collectors convention, but that takes a backseat when the girlfriend of her ex-husband is found murdered with similar markings to those that brought Goldy to the emergency room on numerous occasions.

Everyone knows that Dr. John Richard Korman is volatile and abusive, so the imagination is not stretched too far when he is arrested for the murder.

Goldy’s adolescent son Arch begs for his mother to help prove his father’s innocence, which puts Goldy in a predicament. She fears this man, but would do anything she can for her son. What she finds out is that John Richard’s world is crumbling and Suz Craig, the now deceased girlfriend, was at the center of it.

Unfortunately, Dr. John Richard Korman is not the only one that is having issues with this manipulative, back-stabbing woman and as Goldy digs, more suspects are coming to light until the final moments on a glass slick floor in the middle of a doll convention.

I did not like the whiney tone of Arch or the ridiculous, seemingly pulled out of nowhere, reasoning behind the murder; but in a long series, there is a lot of give and take and sometimes one book will appeal to you more than others. That being said, I will continue and hope that Arch will grow up and Goldy will one day be able to leave her ex-husband in the past.

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