Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Slice of Heaven

Title: A Slice of Heaven
Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: March 1st 2007 by Mira Books
Format: Paperback, 395 pages
Genre: Romance
Series: The Sweet Magnolias #2

From the first paragraph you know how this is going to end, there are no true surprises and with the slow southern charm, readers will be able to unwind into the town and people of Serenity.

Dana Sue, the central character, owns a small restaurant that seems to be the center of her world since her husband Ronnie left. Actually, he did not leave on his own accord, when Dana Sue found out that he had an affair she packed up his belongings and tossed them all to the curb.

Ronnie realized that he made a mistake with a fling that meant nothing to him. He has been in love with Dana Sue since high school and now being out of his daughter’s life is killing him by bits and pieces each day.

Dana Sue has been clashing with her daughter over her eating habits, Annie is looking much too thin but she always has an excuse. That all comes to a horrible head on the night of Annie’s sleepover when she collapses and is rushed to the hospital. In a desperate call, Dana Sue wants Ronnie there for their daughter and he drops everything just to be with the two women that he loves most.

The weight that Dana Sue has been gaining seems to be in direct proportion to the weight that Annie is losing. Anorexia is a horrible, mental as well as physical, disease and mother and daughter need help, both professional and from friends, to see their way through.

The way Sherryl Woods handles anorexia in her book is overly simplified. Granted this is a romance novel with the main need being a happily ever after ending, so the reader has to be patient with how that is handled.

If you are looking for a light romance with some quirky characters that are both funny and deeply caring, take a spin through Serenity and meet the women that make up the Sweet Magnolias.

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