Friday, March 28, 2014

Spitting Devil

Title: Spitting Devil
Author: Brian Freeman
Publisher: Quercus (February 4, 2014)
Format: e-book, 71 pgs
Genre: Thriller
Series: Jonathan Stride

As I have said multiple times, I am not a fan of the half books that do not move the main characters or storylines of a series ahead. In that aspect, this book is not necessary in the world of Jonathan Stride. However, if you are looking for creepy afternoon read, this would fill the bill.

The bodies of dead redheaded women are starting to gather attention. Jonathan hates when the media gives a nickname to a killer, but there does not seem to be a way around it this time. There is one clue that the Duluth, Minnesota police are holding back and when a woman calls with that one piece of information Jonathan Stride and his partner Maggie Bei, know they finally have the lead that they need.

Alison Malville is beginning to fear her husband Michael. He has changed. His business is failing, he has left their marital bed, there are unexplained miles on the car and now a butcher knife is missing from the block in the kitchen.

There are more questions than answers in their home and if it were not for their young son Evan, who reads too many dark comic books, and a mother’s need to protect, the answers may come too late.

Short and to the point, this is not a novella to read at night before you turn off the lights. The creaking and settling of your house just might have your mind wandering to places that you do not want it to go.

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