Friday, March 14, 2014

Patches Lost and Found

Title: Patches Lost and Found
Author: Steven Kroll
Illustrator: Barry Gott
Publisher: April 30th 2005 by Two Lions
Format: Softcover; Pgs 32
Genre: Children's
Source: Amazon Vine
Ages: 6 - 8

Sometimes students can instruct their teachers.

Jenny is having an awful week. She is not a writer but when Mr. Griswold informs the class that they are to write a story, Jenny feels doomed. Asking if she can just draw a picture she is told “No, words first”.

Dread overwhelms her and that is compounded when she arrives home at the end of the day only to find that her pet guinea pig, Patches, has escaped his cage.

Jenny, doing what comes naturally for her, draws pictures. Lost posters and visuals of what she thinks could have happened to her beloved friend.

In the end, it is the teacher, Mr. Griswold that is learning the lesson of the day. Not all children process in the same way, sometimes pictures have to come first. They have to visualize the story and draw out a conclusion before a narrative can be written.

This is a wonderful tale to help your young budding writers over the hump of coming up with a story. If they are visual or tactile learners have them draw the story, then write what the story is telling them.

An excellent addition for the young author or illustrator in your life.

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