Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review - Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

Title: Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
Instructor: Ashley Turner
Production: Element - The Mind and Body Company
Format: DVD 76 minutes (September 24, 2013)
Genre: Exercise
Source: Amazon Vine

I think it will be a life goal to be as flexible as Ashley Turner is. What she makes look easy is still a work in progress for me. Thanks to this video, I am getting there, but that nose to knee thing is still a challenge.

I have never tried yoga before, but when I saw this video offered sections on both strength and flexibility, I figured why not. My aging body is starting to protest and just stretching and moving seems to help grease the sticky parts.

Having read prior reviews I was concerned, was I supposed to know more about yoga going in or was, as I was hoping, this a good jumping off point.

In the beginning of the video, Ashley explains how you can do the two sections either together or separately, well, I voted for separately. I wanted flexibility. So here we go.

What I love is that she emphasizes the need to listen to your body by listening to your breath, work at your own pace and take breaks when you need to. This was a great “permission” so I did not feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Three or four times per week for optimal health – I could do that.

You are easily walked through each movement, by using both the “official” yoga terminology and the easier to understand descriptions.

After the first session, I was not sure that I had gotten anything out of it. That was until I tried to get out of bed the next morning. I was sore from shoulders to ankles. I had received more of a workout then I had thought.

I have only been using this video for a couple of weeks, and am a long way from moving like her, but I can definitely feel the difference that this video is making.

After the exercises, the guided meditation section is a nice way of ending the session.

If you are an advanced yoga aficionado this might be too basic for you, but for us beginners, it was perfect.

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